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8 Ways CRM can help reduce costs for your business

8 Ways CRM can help reduce costs for your business Are you still storing tons of paper-based information about your customers and business opportunities? This helpful article from SuperOffice, the leading European CRM vendor makes a case for saving significant amounts of time and resources by using CRM services (online or on premises) that provide … Continue reading

Are You Guilty of Fake Work?

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

In this entertaining and informative TED talk, Simon Sinek explains a winning marketing strategy that is the exact opposite of the way most technology companies promote their products to their target market. Your customers are people who share your beliefs, so it’s important to tell prospective customers what it is that you believe because this … Continue reading

Interim Employment, A Career Opportunity or Stop Gap?

Are you a senior manager, director or chief executive? Are you facing a career change or possible redundancy? Milton Keynes Executive Action (MKEA), formed by a group of volunteers with senior leadership experience, is a pilot programme to provide some support for people like you. The purpose of MK Executive Action is to provide input … Continue reading

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