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The header picture above shows the Rock of Gibraltar where I was born, and the historic Moorish Castle. My family moved to England in 1959 and I grew up in and around London.

This is my blog about all things Sales where I will share the good stuff that works. I look forward to reading all your comments and getting to know you.

But first of all I’m sure you have some questions. Who is this so-called SalesXpert? What can he do for me? Well, first of all, let me congratulate you on finding my Blog and Welcome! Now let’s see if I can help you and your business.

After a successful career in Sales in IT where I sold software products and services into large organisations, I decided to branch out on my own, initially so that I could spend more time seeing my children grow up. While I was working hard to get my own business off the ground I took on various part-time roles in the evenings and at weekends to bring in extra cash. I was selling face to face to Consumers and Small Businesses, none of whom knew me from Adam. I would ask lots of questions to understand…

    1. the customer’s current situation
    2. any problems or issues they might be experiencing
    3. the impact of those problems or issues if nothing is done
    4. the value the customer might place on a solution
    5. their preferred date for completion, assuming a solution could be found
    6. their motivation to take action now

There was a natural process to follow, and it’s not unloading the dump truck! I needed to build rapport, establish my credibility, assess the problem, design and present the solution. Then I had to price up the contract, present the value proposition and negotiate agreement (sign contract and take deposit). All of this would take place in a single session in the customer’s home or at their business premises.

These people were parting with  hundreds and even thousands of pounds of their hard-earned money after just a few hours with a stranger. I knew the phrase “People Buy People”, but this went further.

I realised that…“People Buy From People  ….   Who They Trust To Deliver”.

I simply made it easy for my customers to say Yes. In fact, after my personalised presentation they were practically obligated to buy. It became much harder for them to say No than to say Yes.

Today, after 20+ years selling complex Software and supporting Services into the Enterprise sector I feel qualified to provide advice on new Business Development and Sales Management, but don’t just take my word for it. Please read the recommendations on my Testimonials page.

I have sold into very demanding Public and Private sector organisations including….

    • AMEC
    • GlaxoSmithKline
    • Asda Wal-Mart
    • BT
    • Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars
    • BMW
    • TUI (Thomson Travel)
    • Thames Water
    • Ericcson
    • Department For Transport
    • Nottingham City Council
    • Lewisham Borough Council
    • Inland Revenue

Over the last 10 years, I have also worked with a variety of small/medium business owners, especially software vendors and resellers, who needed to find new customers, new business partners and/or take their products and services into new markets or territories.

Up front, I make it clear to my customers that my goal extends beyond the sales order. My aim is for them to become  Active References (proactive advocates) for my products and services. That way they know from the very beginning that it’s in my own best interests to provide excellent customer service and deliver what I promise.

My services are available on an interim, contract, part-time or ad hoc basis. I can offer sales management, sales agency services, lead generation and nurturing including the creation and management of sales campaigns in support of your business goals. I can also roll up my sleeves and perform cold calling and appointment making using a customer-friendly, consultative approach that can be documented and replicated across your team.

I would be happy to hear from anyone that wishes to set up a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss their specific problems, challenges, and opportunities. I will answer your questions and you agree to answer mine. You can end the session at any time after 20 minutes, so that’s your minimum commitment to the consultation process. If I can’t help you I will say so, but if I believe I can make a difference I will quantify the benefits for you and your business. Once I have enough information, I will propose a detailed plan of action supporting well-defined goals and objectives and performance targets. Once you have approved the costings we can agree a start date.



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